United States Navy testing of the aquabionic warp1

CETATEK recently provided several pairs of aquabionic warp1 fins to the United States Navy for testing by a group of NSW Combat Swimmers and Divers. We have been asked not to reveal command, location or individual names, but have received permission to print their impressions of the fins.

Pool Testing
The warp1 fins were compared side by side to several models of well known, high performance fins.

[quote]I normally fin a 100 meter ‘pool swim’ in  one minute and thirty seconds. When I first put the warp1 fins on I initially felt they were a little stiff. After each 100 meters I would switch fins with the other test models.

My legs felt a lot stronger with the other fins but I soon realized this was because I was not going nearly as fast. I then swam at my normal pace and logged  the time for each fin.

What I found was that I was completing the 100 meters 20 to 30 seconds quicker with the warp1 fins. I then slowed my pace, thus reducing energy, and kept the same pace as the other fins with a lot less energy expended.[/quote]

Ocean Testing 
The feedback from two test divers was as follows:

One diver said they felt too stiff. He normally wears the traditional rubber vented fins. The other diver liked the fins and didn’t realize the big difference until there was a significant current (approx. 1.5 knots). He said he could penetrate through the current much easier than the diver who felt they were too stiff.

One diver using them for the past 2 weeks said after a few days he couldn’t tell much difference. He switched back to his original fins and immediately realized he wanted to go back to the warp1.  Since then he has been using the warp1 exclusively and claims he fins more efficiently with less effort.

[quote]Our ultimate goal is to find an efficient fin and thus far the warp1 looks very promising.[/quote]

Sport Diver UK Choice Award

aquabionic warp1 fins win the “SPORT DIVER CHOICE” AWARD for the January 2013 SPORT DIVER UK fin round up issue.

Sport Diver Magazine UK “the official magazine of PADI’s International Diving Society” chose the aquabionic warp1 fins to receive the Sport Diver CHOICE Award in their latest fin comparison tests.

Winning 18 out of a possible 20 points in the categories of Performance, Comfort, Looks, and Value for Money, the warp1 fin beat out established top competitors and is starting to claim its position as a world-leading performance fin.

Here are some of the testers’ comments:

[quote]Mark – “Really directs the thrust out the back of the fins. Powerful, good in all fin kicks, and sure to put CETATEK on the map.”[/quote]
[quote]Will – “Awesome set of fins…you can feel the pivot in the middle as it does its job. Very comfortable and it has to be said, great looking as well. Works fantastically well with all fin kicks.[/quote]
[quote]Dave – “Really good looking set of fins, and a very comfortable foot pocket. Right up there with the best – which is good news for CETATEK.[/quote]

Click HERE to read the full review in the January 2013 issue of Sport Diver UK

Professional Grade: Review by Bob Cranston

Bob Cranston has 20 years experience as a camera operator and director of photography in multiple film formats. A specialist in underwater photography, he has filmed giant squid, sharks, sunken ships and myriad ocean subjects for award-winning film and television productions, including for BBC, National Geographic Explorer and PBS. His other giant screen credits include: Island of the Sharks, Into the Deep, Ocean Oasis and Cirque du Soleil.
Bob Cranston: Digital Cinema 3D Sea

Filming Sperm Whales in the Pacific:
I was doing a lot of swimming with a large camera. The fins worked fantastic.
Lots of power and speed with no leg cramps or toe rubbing.
[quote]For me the best thing is I can switch from full flutter kick to frog kick and keep the power on. You can’t do that with a split fin.[/quote]

And by the way, please do not sell these fins to Howard Hall. I have a hard enough time keeping up with him and I finally got an edge.


Review warp1: Ken Robertson PADI MSDT, Quadra Island, BC

After diving in British Columbia’s rugged and current swept Port Hardy area aboard the Nautilus Swell recently, Ken Robertson had this to say about the aquabionic warp1 fins:
I really liked the warp 1 fins. They are lighter than my Italian made fins and seemed to give me a faster acceleration. [quote]What impressed me the most though was the way they allowed me to frog kick, scissor kick while hovering, and scull back from a wall.[/quote] I like to glide close to walls or a few feet from the bottom to see the small stuff and these were very comfortable to use.

Diane Reid – Comments on the warp1 fin

Diane Reid is employed as a Senior Engineering Systems Specialist at an international Engineering Procurement and Construction Management firm in Vancouver, B.C.

What’s this, a revolutionary fin? Developed by aquabionic and branded ‘warp1’ – when I heard this I thought “catchy name”. I sincerely doubted that fin technology could be, or needed to be advanced in this day and age. The on-line promotional video is insightful and from it I gained an appreciation of the design philosophy but was skeptical as to whether this fin could possibly impress me.

I’ve been an avid diver since 1989 and average 100 cold water dives annually, photography is my main focus these days and my aim is to take only pictures and disturb nothing. In the early days of gear floundering, I bought and discarded several pairs of fins but eventually settled on SCUBAPRO Jet Fins. They were very heavy but I could really motor. In those days I had a lot of ocean to discover and my priority was to go the distance on every dive. In the late 90’s I was introduced to Force Fins and it was not love at first kick, as the feeling of nothingness at the end of my legs was peculiar, but after 4 dives I refused to dive with anything but.
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Travis Stewart – PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer #278285

Working as Diving professional over the last 2 years out of Vancouver on the coast of British Columbia I have had the opportunity to use many models of fins and straps.

I have primarily used the tried and true black rubber and hard fins divers have loved off the coast for the last 40 years.
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