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DIVER MAGAZINE REVIEW – warp speed! The aquabionic warp1 fin

Find the original article HERE. www.divermag.com aquabionic warp1 …a different fin with every kick from aquabionic on Vimeo. Fins. Not the most exciting piece of dive gear, but definitely one of the most under appreciated. A good pair of fins can make a world of difference to any diver, and the market is some what […]

Snorkel Types – What’s Best For You?

Thousands of years ago, someone discovered that if you cut a short length of hollow reed from the riverbank, you could breathe through it and sneak up on people underwater. Now there are hundreds of models of snorkels on the market with so many gadgets and features it’s hard to make sense of it and […]

Clearing Your Snorkel

OK, there’s water in your snorkel. Now what? First, if you are a new snorkeler and didn’t leave the surface, it’s most likely a wave broke over the top of the snorkel, and poured down the tube, or you ducked your head down a little too low, and you probably aren’t expecting it. The first […]

Back to Basics – Rinse Your Gear!

A few weeks ago we talked about how the difference between renting gear and buying it can improve your early diving experiences. If you are renting now, you already know that most dive shops that rent gear have a “Bring it back clean” policy and will often add a surcharge if you take rented gear […]

Diver Profile: Brian Pallock

Diving since: 1989 Total number of dives: 1500+ Favourite Quotes: “Fact isn’t just the flavour of the day or someone’s opinion based on their limited experience…” – BP “Seek not greatness, but seek truth and you will find both.” – Horace Man Website: www.divesource.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DiveSource CERTIFICATIONS NAUI Open Water, Advanced, Rescue and Dive Master Instructor Ratings: NAUI […]

Benefits of Owning Your Own Gear

I often think of the difference between men and women on the approach to buying and renting, when my friends and now my kids and their friends get married. I have never known a groom who went out and bought a tux to wear for three hours, and have never seen a bride in a […]

Diver Profile: Denise Quesnel

Hometown: Vancouver Age: 27 Diving since: 2011 Total number of dives: 35 DIVING LOCATIONS According to my dive log, various spots in Utila, Honduras and Playas del Coco, Costa Rica are most frequented. A quarter of my dives have taken place in British Columbia, which is where I live, but I don’t really have one […]

Mask Skirt Silicone – What’s the Best Colour?

There are many pieces of dive gear that arouse great differences of opinion, and all make for interesting discussions on the dive boat. One of these discussions is the best colour for the silicone skirts of dive masks. Back when dives masks were pretty much all made of rubber, 90% of them were black, and […]

How to Choose a Pair of Fins

Along with the mask and snorkel, a pair of fins is often the first equipment purchase that you will make as a snorkeler or dive student, and the choice can be a crucial factor in your enjoyment of the sport. Fins come in many sizes, shapes, styles, degree of stiffness or flexibility, designs and working […]

Diver Profile: Simon Morris

Age: 55 Diving since: 1973 Total number of dives: 2000+ CERTIFICATIONS NAUI Basic: 1973 PADI Openwater: 1978 PADI Advanced: 1986 PADI Rescue: 1987 IANTD Nitrox: 1996 NACD Intro to Cave: 1999   DIVING LOCATIONS Australia, British Columbia, Great Lakes, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, China, England, Grand Cayman, France, Italy, Mexico, Thailand, Florida, California, Pribiloff Islands, Bering Sea (Alaska) Washington State, & Hawaii. […]