Diver Profile: Brian Pallock

Diving since: 1989
Total number of dives: 1500+
Favourite Quotes:
“Fact isn’t just the flavour of the day or someone’s opinion based on their limited experience…” – BP
“Seek not greatness, but seek truth and you will find both.” – Horace Man
Website: www.divesource.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DiveSource


NAUI Open Water, Advanced, Rescue and Dive Master

Instructor Ratings: NAUI OWSI, PADI MSDT, SDI OWSI, TDI Advanced Nitrox and Deco Procedures,
as well as multiple Instructor specialties from DAN, PADI and SDI

NACD and IANTD Full Cave Certified , Trimix


Canada –  Ontario & the Great Lakes, Nova Scotia, PEI; USA – Cape Ann, Florida (Keys and Caves),Bonne Terre;  Belize; Mexico – Mayan Caves & Cozumel, Aruba, Curacao and all over the Bahamas


Brian grew up as a farm boy helping his family grow apples and vegetables for their farm market. His interest in diving began in his youth when he spent hours snorkeling at his parent’s cottage or simply jumping in the water while out fishing with his Mom and Dad to see what there was under the waves. Television specials from National Geographic and Jacques Cousteau fueled this curiosity and he became certified as an open water diver in 1989, following formal schooling in Mechanical Engineering and adult training.

Following his diving certification he pursued the sport with a passion becoming active in the local Ontario diving scene, helping to run several dive clubs, including the Dolfin Divers, Great Lakes Scuba Club and the Durham Divers and he continues to be a strong supporter and sponsor of local dive clubs and the role they play in mentoring new divers.

In 1996 Brian opened Dive Source Scuba in Whitby – Ontario, later moving to Oshawa in 2004 where it has grown to become one of the premier shops in the Province of Ontario. Dive Source is a full service PADI Five Star Dive Centre which teaches hundreds of divers annually and employs a staff of over 30 dive professionals and store staff and acts as an anchor for the dive community in Durham Region and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

Supported by his family and a talented and friendly staff, Dive Source continue to bring innovation and passion to the sport of scuba diving with Brian at the helm. When not diving Brian enjoys golf, fishing, writing, photography and the outdoors which ties in well to his role as scuba diving adviser and occasional guest on the FishnCanada Television show.