Diver Profile: Denise Quesnel

Hometown: Vancouver
Age: 27
Diving since: 2011
Total number of dives: 35


According to my dive log, various spots in Utila, Honduras and Playas del Coco, Costa Rica are most frequented. A quarter of my dives have taken place in British Columbia, which is where I live, but I don’t really have one frequented spot. There is no one convenient spot, and I always feel compelled to explore new sites before returning to an already visited one.


Q.When and why did you start diving?

I said for many years that I had no interest in diving. I think its because I was in denial, I knew once I tried it I would be hooked and it would be game over for me. I took the plunge before I left for my wedding in Belize. I wanted to be able to dive there because many people reported Belize to be among the most incredible and eclectic dive sites in the world. I got my PADI certification in Vancouver, since I wanted to be able to drysuit dive in the waters at home as much as possible. I love the water, and I am completely fascinated by what is beneath it. I started recording photos and video of my dives as soon as I felt competent underwater, and I now almost always take my stereoscopic 3D camera down with me. It really brings the dives back to life when I review the 3D footage afterwards, and non-divers really enjoy it too.

Q.What was your most exciting dive experience?

My most memorable experience was off the shore of Kona, Hawaii on a night dive. On this particular dive you bring lights down with you and chill out on the bottom, and before long plankton are drawn to the light, which in turn brings oceanic manta rays. Being that close to the mantas and seeing them emerge like massive gentle monsters from the dark was a completely captivating experience. They come within inches of you; I brought my 3D camera system on that dive and have some great moments from it. Any dive for me is amazing if I can find some little creatures too- I like to go on the hunt for them. A good dive for me will feel easy and natural; I can only really go a month between dives before getting the itch to get back in the water again.

Happy diving everybody!