Diver Profile: Simon Morris

Age: 55
Diving since: 1973
Total number of dives: 2000+


NAUI Basic1973
PADI Openwater: 1978
PADI Advanced: 1986
PADI Rescue: 1987
IANTD Nitrox: 1996
NACD Intro to Cave: 1999  


Australia, British Columbia, Great Lakes, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, China, England, Grand Cayman, France, Italy, Mexico, Thailand, Florida, California, Pribiloff Islands, Bering Sea (Alaska) Washington State, & Hawaii.


Simon has always loved being in the water, whether it be river, lake, cave or ocean. Certified at 15, he just celebrated 40 years as an avid diver. Simon has always worked in the Diving Industry, for some of the major corporations, and currently as a partner and VP Marketing and Sales for CETATEK products inc., maker of the aquabionic warp1 fin.

At the same time he has enjoyed a successful career as a bronze sculptor with private and corporate collectors in nine countries, as well as several life size or larger commemorative public statues, and is the creator of the two nine foot tall bronze mermaids in Powell River, BC and at Sunset House in Grand Cayman. www.sculptorsimonmorris.com

His favorite dives include both mermaid sites, and most of the tropical locations he has visited, but the clear, cold and current swept waters of Northern Vancouver Island around Port Hardy and Port McNeil have always been the most electrifying. His most exciting dive was probably in a large school of Giant Bluefin Tuna in St. Margaret’s Bay, Halifax, in 1988, but there have been 500 close seconds with mantas, whale sharks, sea lions, walrus, wolf eels, manatees, mermaids, sharks, dolphins of all kinds, and most recently a friendly and inquisitive sea snake wrapped around his leg….

Happy diving everybody!