Unterwasser Review: NEW “TURBO FIN”?

Have a hard time reading German?  We have the translation; Find out what Unterwasser has to say about the warp1 in their latest review.
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The aquabionic warp1 first appeared in prototype form in 2011. This year the refined production model is available to the market. Is it as good as stated?

A first test…..

Without much fuss….let’s get down to business.
Two hours of test diving and comparison against CRESSI Reaction, SCUBAPRO Seawing Nova and Jet Fin, and TUSA X-Pert ZOOM Z3 split fin proved that the warp1 can do everything the competitors’ products can do. Every kick style, including frog, back-finning, helicopter, small rotations of the ankle, and big amplitudes are accomplished with no effort.

Is the fin more efficient? Because we weren’t able to lab test and couldn’t measure exact propulsion data we can only offer a subjective opinion. The warp1 is definitely more efficient than the split fin, and also slightly ahead of Sea Wing and Jet Fin, and equal to the Cressi Reaction. We can’t promise that the warp1 is suitable for divers lacking leg strength

[quote]The warp1 earned our seal of approval for the most extraordinary fin of the year.[/quote]
Even though the flexible pleated membrane is not really a new concept, the detail and quality of the fin is definitely exceptional.
In addition we confirm the designers did their homework in regard to comfort and size of footpocket- even the widest dry suit boots fit

Conclusion: the warp1 is definitely worth our “buy” recommendation, despite a higher price tag. We are certain that the warp1 will have an impact.