DIVER Magazine UK Review

John Bantin reviews the aquabionic warp1 fins in the January 2013 issue of Diver Magazine (UK)

[quote]The good news is that these fins work. I put them on and got about doing what I was sent there for, getting around dive sites and taking pictures. I couldn’t fault the warp1, which seemed to send me surging through the water at every stroke. I was able to use my usual lazy, long-stroke flutter-kick in open water, a sideways frogkick when passing through the constrictions of sea caves, and to work within the interior of the Zenobia without stirring up the silt and spoiling the otherwise gin-clear vis. Unlike some fins, the warp1 didn’t need a high-frequency kicking action to make them effective – which is lucky, because I rather wanted to take it easy.[/quote]

[quote]the aquabionic fins felt lighter and provided more effective finning and seemed considerably easier to dive with. You didn’t feel it in the muscles of your legs so much, but they still gave me adequate power.[/quote]

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Many thanks to John Bantin for his excellent article about the aquabionic warp1 fins in the January 2013 issue of Diver Magazine (UK).

We would like to clarify his statement that “the primary marketplace for such a fin is the USA” – in fact CETATEK designs products for use anywhere in the world where there is water, having the warp1 internationally available.

Any Star Trek link is entirely coincidental, as the acronym “warp” stands for water adapting responsive propulsion.

Many thanks for your support John!