United States Navy testing of the aquabionic warp1

CETATEK recently provided several pairs of aquabionic warp1 fins to the United States Navy for testing by a group of NSW Combat Swimmers and Divers. We have been asked not to reveal command, location or individual names, but have received permission to print their impressions of the fins.

Pool Testing
The warp1 fins were compared side by side to several models of well known, high performance fins.

[quote]I normally fin a 100 meter ‘pool swim’ in  one minute and thirty seconds. When I first put the warp1 fins on I initially felt they were a little stiff. After each 100 meters I would switch fins with the other test models.

My legs felt a lot stronger with the other fins but I soon realized this was because I was not going nearly as fast. I then swam at my normal pace and logged  the time for each fin.

What I found was that I was completing the 100 meters 20 to 30 seconds quicker with the warp1 fins. I then slowed my pace, thus reducing energy, and kept the same pace as the other fins with a lot less energy expended.[/quote]

Ocean Testing 
The feedback from two test divers was as follows:

One diver said they felt too stiff. He normally wears the traditional rubber vented fins. The other diver liked the fins and didn’t realize the big difference until there was a significant current (approx. 1.5 knots). He said he could penetrate through the current much easier than the diver who felt they were too stiff.

One diver using them for the past 2 weeks said after a few days he couldn’t tell much difference. He switched back to his original fins and immediately realized he wanted to go back to the warp1.  Since then he has been using the warp1 exclusively and claims he fins more efficiently with less effort.

[quote]Our ultimate goal is to find an efficient fin and thus far the warp1 looks very promising.[/quote]