Professional Grade: Review by Bob Cranston

Bob Cranston has 20 years experience as a camera operator and director of photography in multiple film formats. A specialist in underwater photography, he has filmed giant squid, sharks, sunken ships and myriad ocean subjects for award-winning film and television productions, including for BBC, National Geographic Explorer and PBS. His other giant screen credits include: Island of the Sharks, Into the Deep, Ocean Oasis and Cirque du Soleil.
Bob Cranston: Digital Cinema 3D Sea

Filming Sperm Whales in the Pacific:
I was doing a lot of swimming with a large camera. The fins worked fantastic.
Lots of power and speed with no leg cramps or toe rubbing.
[quote]For me the best thing is I can switch from full flutter kick to frog kick and keep the power on. You can’t do that with a split fin.[/quote]

And by the way, please do not sell these fins to Howard Hall. I have a hard enough time keeping up with him and I finally got an edge.