Travis Stewart – PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer #278285

Working as Diving professional over the last 2 years out of Vancouver on the coast of British Columbia I have had the opportunity to use many models of fins and straps.

I have primarily used the tried and true black rubber and hard fins divers have loved off the coast for the last 40 years.

Testing the warp1 fins in British Columbia’s cold waters I wanted to see if they could stand up to the rugged shore diving conditions, propel a diver with loads of lead, and tow another diver in full dry-suit equipment. [quote]I can tell you it not only exceeded my expectations but shattered them. [/quote] This extraordinarily light fin has all the power – if not more- of its competitors, with half the weight. It feels like a natural extension of your body in the water.  Even though it feels great and looks it as well, I had to put it through a few tests to see how it stood up to standards. I took it through rescue scenarios, dived it in cold water side-mount configurations, and used standard flutter, tropical scissor, backwards and helicopter kick tests. It excelled at all tests while being less tiring on my legs and reacting extremely quickly. The warp1 is very well named as you can feel it “warp” underfoot at the slightest flick.
This fin is going to revolutionize the tropical diving world, and be a fierce competitor in the tech and cold water markets in the very near future.